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Accessories to Customize Your Hunting Space
Kit, Arm 4, Slate River BCS.jpg

You have personal preferences when it comes to hunting. You have different items that you want to have with you, and you want those items placed in specific locations.


We first addressed this need with the Flex Armstrong Bow Holder. Now we are offering you a building block approach that allows you to customize your space by adding options to all of your Slate River products except for the Zip Start Bow Holder and the Stealth Camera Mount.  If you go to the individual product pages we have a section at the bottom of the page showing some of the customizations you can do to make your hunting experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Kit, Arm 4 w_ 3_ Extension Arm, HR.jpg
Kit, Extension Arm 3_.jpg
Kit, Extension Arm 8_, HR.jpg
Kit, Quick Connect Stud.jpg

Ozonics™ Quick Connect  Stud

Kit, Arm 4, Slate River BCS.jpg
Kit, Crossbow Holder.jpg
Kit, EZ-Aim III Mount, HR.jpg
Kit, ThermaCELL, Banjo.jpg
ThermaCELL® Mount Kit
Kit, Parts.jpg
Replacement Parts Kit
Arm 4 with 3” Extension Kit 
Arm 4 Kit
Extension Arm Kit 8"
EZ-Aim III Mount Kit
Extension Arm Kit 3”
Crossbow Holder Kit
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