ThermaCELL® Mounts
ThermaCELL Mount, Screw in version, Slat

You know how annoying and aggravating natures insects can be and like many of us you may have turned to the ThermaCELL® Mosquito Repellent for relief. Finding a place where it is both strategically placed and not in the way or susceptible to being stepped on can be a major task. Slate River gives you several ways to do this. 

ThermaCELL® Screw in Mount

ThermaCELL Mount, screw in version, Ther

ThermaCELL® Ratchet Strap Mount

ThermaCELL Mount, Ratchet Strap, ThermaC

ThermaCELL® T-Post mount

ThermaCELL Mount, Post Version, ThermaCE

ThermaCELL®  mount kit

ThermaCELL, Kit, Banjo.jpeg