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Stealth™  Ozonics™ Mount


  • Auger has a heat-treated cork screw tip and CNC threads,


  • The swivel ball rotates 360 degrees and tilts up to 135 degrees up and down,


  • The turn of one (1) large thumb screw locks your  Ozonics™ firmly in position,


  • The steel auger and body are Cathodic Acrylic coated over an epoxy primer,


  • A GoPro® camera adapter is included,


  • The weight is 3.5 ounces and it measures 4” x 2 ½” x 1”,


  • Works with all Trail cameras and Ozonics™  that have the standard ¼ - 20 insert on the bottom or back of the unit,


  • To all of us non-engineers this means you have the smallest, strongest and best corrosion protected Ozonics™ mount available,


You have probably experienced the frustration of not being able to find perfect tree, the one that is fairly straight and located where you want to place your Ozonics™ unit.


While the Stealth™ Ozonics™ mount can’t have a tree grow where needed, it will work with any tree you may choose.  The Stealth’s proven heat-treated corkscrew tip and CNC machined threads starts easily and then literally pulls itself into the tree. The Stealth’s wide range of motion means that you can easily position your Ozonics™ unit exactly where you want and then quickly lock it securely in place with the turn of one large thumb screw.

Stealth, Go Pro, Stealth BCS.jpg
With a Go Pro® Camera
Customize Your Hunting Space

You can use your Stealth™ Trail Camera mount with the Quick Connect adapter on your Ozonics™ unit.  All you need to do is to replace the standard ball stud with the Quick connect ball stud

Stealth, Quick Connect, Slate River BCS.

Requires the purchase of

One (1) - Ozonics™ Quick

       Connect Stud

Stealth, Ozonics, Stealth BCS, HR.jpg
With an Ozonics™ Unit
Other uses for the Ozonics™ Mount
Stealth, Snyper back Mounted, Slate Rive

With Back Mounted

      Trail Camera

Stealth, Snyper Bottom mounted, Slate Ri

With Bottom Mounted

      Trail Camera

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