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Flex Two Arm Crossbow Holder -


- The heat-treated cork screw tip and CNC threads start easily and literally pull themselves into the tree,


- The joint between the two (2) arms will remain tight over the life of the product so your bow does not move,


  • The auger is welded a full 360 degrees into the arm so it will not come out when you remove your bow holder from a tree,


  • The vinyl coated bow hook shape allows your bow to be removed easily and quietly,


  • The two (2) gear hooks are strong and easily accessible,


  • Folded up the unit measures 13 inches and has a weight of 12 ounces,



We have all fought with bow holders that are hard to install and experienced the frustration of your bow moving once you have positioned it.  The Zip Start Bow Holder eliminates both of these issues to give you an enjoyable hunting experience.


The augur has a cork screw tip and CNC machined threads, so it starts easily and literally pulls itself into the tree. Once pressed into the square tube it is welded a full 360 degrees so you will not experience that sickening feeling of having your augur break off and remain in the tree when you remove your unit.


The joint between the two (2) arms has nylon washers to make the movement silent and a disc spring washer that exerts 400 pounds of force on the joint.  This means that the joint is tight on day one and will stay that way for many, many successful hunts.  Your bow stays where you position it and does not move because of wind or vibration.


The bow hook is rubber coated to minimize noise and the shape allows easy removal of your bow.


The Zip Start folds down to 13 inches in length and has a weight of 12 ounces so you hardly know it’s in your pack. The unit is e-coated on all surfaces for excellent corrosion protection.

Zip Start Bow Holder

SKU: 00-001818
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