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Screw In ThermaCELL® Mount


  • Auger has a corkscrew tip and CNC machined threads,


  • Bungee has three points of contact,


  • Bungee holds unit firmly in place and allows easy access to controls,


  • The steel auger and wire form are Cathodic Acrylic coated over an epoxy primer,


  •    You know how annoying and aggravating natures insects can be and like many of us you may have turned to the ThermaCELL® Mosquito Repellent for relief.  Finding a place where it is both strategically placed and not in the way can be a major task.

​The Slate River Screw in ThermaCELL® Mount allows you to easily place the unit priestly where you want it. The steel auger has CNC machined threads with a corkscrew tip, so it starts easily and then pulls itself into the tree.  The rubber bungee holds the unit firmly in place on the wire form platform while not interfering with any of its functions.


Screw in ThermaCELL® Mount

SKU: 00-002231
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