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Screw in Crossbow Holder


  • The heattreated cork screw tip and CNC threads start easily and literally pull themselves into the tree,


  • The holder is made from 3/8” steel rod,


  • The hooks are 4” long & 3” apart,


  • The vinyl coated hook protects your bow and allows it to be easily and quietly removed,


From time to time you have probably had difficulty installing your crossbow holder while up in the tree stand, with all of your hunting gear around you. The tree auger used in the Screw in Crossbow Holder is the same one that is used in the EZ-Aim III Trail Camera Mount.  It has a cork screw tip and CNC machined threads on the auger, so it starts quickly and then pulls itself into the tree. This also means that if you already own an EZ-Aim III Game Camera an option for you would be to purchase just the Banjo Crossbow Holder accessory and use the tree screw from your EZ-Aim III.


The Cross-Bow hook is vinyl coated steel rod.  It has great strength and the vinyl coating protects your bow and minimizes noise.  The two hooks are 4” long and are spaced 3” apart so your bow is held securely in place.


If you desire a little more flexibility in positioning your bow you could add an eight-inch extension arm between the tree auger and the crossbow hook. This can be purchased as an accessory.


There is also a banjo style version of this Crossbow holder that can be used with the Flex Armstrong Bow Holder, your EZ-Aim III T Post Trail Camera Mount or your EZ-Aim III Ratchet Strap Game Camera Mount.


Screw in Crossbow Holder

SKU: 00-001915
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