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Flex Armstrong™ Bow Holder


Note: The photo above shows a camera which is not included with the



  • Has a heat-treated cork screw tip and CNC threads, it starts easily and literally pulls itself into the tree?

  • The first piviot point is just 3” from the tree, so you can swing it completely out of your way,


  • Stainless steel swing nail prevents the unit from rotating with the weight of your gear,


  • The fully extended length is 34” and it is rated at a 12# load,


  • The unit comes with one (1) spring steel gear hook, more can be added,


  • There are four (4) pivot joints with Delrin washers for ideal positioning,


  • You can add a ThermaCELL® mount kit or an Arm 4 kit (sold separately) at any pivot joint to mount your Ozonics™ unit, ThermaCELL® unit or a camera,


  • All of the steel components are Cathodic Acrylic coated over an epoxy primer, for great corrosion protection,


  • The weight is 2.4# and the unit folds down to 11” x 3” x 3”,


  • Today’s hunters have more items than ever that need to be around them and easily accessible while in the stand; bow or rifle, camera, Ozonics™ scent eliminator, rattlers, pack, etc. You need to customize and optimize your hunting space and Flex Armstrong allows you to do so.


There are four (4) pivot points where you can mount your gear.  The first pivot is at the tree, so you do not have to put up with a fixed segment that sticks straight out, this gives you greater flexibility in positioning items, more shoulder room and the ability to swing the unit completely out of the way.


The base unit comes with one (1) bow hook, one (1) Arm 4 mount and one (1) gear hook.  The Arm 4 will accept most any device that has a ¼-20 threaded insert and can be installed at any one of the pivot points,


Additional Arm 4 s, a cross bow holder or a ThermaCELL® holder can be purchased to complete your custom layout. This allows you to have your OzonicsÔ scent eliminator unit, your ThermaCELL®, your cross bow or Go Pro at your fingertips. When you are done the unit collapses down to under 11” in length for transporting.


Like all of the Slate River screw in products, Flex Armstrong™ has the proven heat-treated cork screw tip and CNC machined threads, so it starts easily and then literally pulls itself into the tree when turned. Gone are the frustration and safety issues of trying to install a typical bow holder along side your tree stand. The Flex Armstrong has a unique pivoting swing nail to eliminate the tendency for the mount screw to rotate when heavy items are hung on the unit.

Flex Armstrong™ Bow Holder

SKU: 00-002210
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