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Extension Arm Kit, 8”


  • Adding an eight (8) inch extension to your Camera Arm w/T handle mount gives you an extended range of motion,


  • Because of the solid T Handle base, multiple arms can be used,


  • Adding an eight (8) inch extension arm to your EZAim III or Ratchet Strap Tail Camera Mount gives you the ability to change the position of your Ozonics™ or ThermaCELL® units as conditions change.


  • An 8” extension arm plus an Arm 4 Kit allows you to mount two (2) cameras or one (1) camera and one (1) solar panel on your Slate River EZAim III Game Camera Mount, your EZ-Aim III T Post Game Camera Mount or your EZ-Aim III Ratchet Strap Game Camera Mount. This is the same result as using the Arm 4 with 3” Extension Kit.  The difference is that the devices will be 5” further from the tree or post giving you a larger range of motion where the devices can be positioned.


  • A third Arm 4 could be added if there is a need to install three (3) items,


  • Most accessory that have a ¼ -20 threaded insert can be mounted on the Arm 4 Kit,


You have had times when you would have liked to position your game camera, Ozonics™ unit or ThermaCELL® unit further from the tree or post where it is mounted. Using the eight-inch-long extension arm gives you that flexibility.


Each arm comes with one (1) eight-inch-long extension arm, one (1) - 2.8” long thumb screw and two (2) nylon washers.

Extension Arm Kit, 8”

SKU: 00-001419
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