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Extension Arm Kit, 3” -

  • Use this extension to add a second or third device to your EZ-Aim III Trail camera Mount,


The length of the thread on the EZ-Aim auger is not long enough to accommodate the thickness of two mounts.


So, if you want to add a ThermaCELL® mount or a crossbow holder to your EZ-Aim you will need either a 3” or 8” extension in addition to the ThermaCELL® Mount Kit or Crossbow holder kit. These are only available as separate items.


If you want to be able to mount two (2) cameras or a camera and a solar panel an extension arm will be required in addition to a second arm 4. These can be purchased as separate items or together in the Arm 4 with 3” Extension Kit. If you want to have the two (2) cameras or the camera and solar panel further from the tree the 8” extension arm will be required along with the Arm 4 Kit.  These can be purchased only as separate items.

Extension Arm Kit, 3”

SKU: 00-002247
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