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Screw in Crossbow Holder


  • The T Handle has a cork screw tip and CNC threads, it starts easily and literally pulls itself into the tree,


  • The T Handle provides a very solid mount minimizing movement of your camera,


  • Nylon washers at each joint provide a smooth and quite positioning of your camera,


  • Camera head swivel ball rotates 360 degrees and tilts 45 degrees up and down, maximizing camera positions,


  • Depending on the diameter of the tree, the camera arm can rotate up to 270 degrees on the T Handle,


Being able to capture that once in a lifetime shot and then play the action back for yourself and friends is one of the real joys of the hunting experience. The Slate River Camera Arm is the most economical option available in the market to do just that.


The T Handle mounting system was designed to be easily installed in any tree by providing an 8-inch-long powerful T handle to torque it in with both hands. The T handle has a cork screw tip and CNC machined threads for easy penetration into the hardest of woods. It starts easily and then pulls itself into the tree. Once installed, the screw in T Handle is very rigid so camera vibration and movement is minimized.


The ball socket camera mount rotates 360 degrees and tilts up to 45 degrees up and down. Combine this with the 270-degree rotation of the camera arm on the T Handle and you can position your camera exactly where you want to.


The base unit comes with one (1) 8” arm, you can add additional flexibility to your camera mount by purchasing additional extension arms. Each arm is 8 inches long by ¾” square and comes with a thumb screw and two (2) nylon washers. The weight of the additional arm is 6 ounces.  The T Handle Mount when screwed fully into the tree provides a very solid base so multiple arms can be used. When folded the unit measures 8” x 9” x 1 ½” and has a weight of 17 ounces.


Camera Arm With T Handle Mount

SKU: 00-001804
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